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Why 2gnoMe?


Build Up New Teachers

Unseat the "disillusionment" phase for first-year teachers with practical needs-based support focused on collaborative inquiry, growth mindset and work-life balance. People learn better in teams!

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"The idea of something streamlined is really attractive... a game changer for us."



New to the Framework

Advance positive change with the Framework as the "common language" and each teacher at the center of their PD learning, goals, resources and in-person support - all in one place. Clarify who needs what kind of professional learning to personalize the learning experience and measure its impact!

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"Every month that goes by gives us more opportunity to continue to grow."


Support Mentors and Coaches

Save your coaches hours of time each week to accelerate instructional knowledge based on individual strengths and areas of growth, by organizing all 100s of free vetted resources, portfolios, journal and reflections in one place. 

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"Saves hours! It's quick and all in one place."


Build Trust and Culture of Learning

Change attitude about evaluations with the program to support a positive culture. Focusing on new teachers and leaders, all elements of the PD experience aligned to a consistent use of vocabulary from the Framework. Growth for all!

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"This is our school culture and we're moving in this positive direction."

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"The advantage of having a content agnostic system is that we can select from the best of all types of learning, and the system stitches it all together."

Troy Lange, Executive Director, Colorado River BOCES

"2gnoMe is for teachers. It works behind the scenes so that every teacher gets the resources they need to improve where they need to."

Teresa Lien, Program Manager, The Danielson Group

"The functions are very intuitive, building around every teacher’s needs, so that as you grow the platform can grow with you."

Michael Brownstein, Executive Director, VEI